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Jim Orr, Max Orr

L & O Marine is a liquid cargo logistical and transportation company. We charter our barges on a time charter or bare boat charter basis or move cargo in our barges on a point to point, per ton affreightment basis.

The non-regulated cargo that we primarily transport are: oilfield drilling fluids (calcium chloride, calcium bromide and zinc bromide), oilfield exploration and production wastes, liquid fertilizers (UAN, ammonium thiosulfate, etc.), petrochemical manufacturing by-products, various wastewater cargo, molasses and other cargo that fall into this category.

Jim Orr, Max Orr
Jim Orr, Max Orr

We have the expertise to move cargo classified by the USCG as Sub-chapter “D” or Subchapter “O” (regulated cargos).

Depending on the characteristics of the particular cargo, we can usually obtain suitable equipment through our extensive network of associates.

If the equipment does not exist, we can arrange for the construction of the equipment.

We specialize in our flexibility and capability to work with each customer to solve their unique transportation requirements.

We have the know-how and ability to get your liquid cargo transportation job done promptly, efficiently, safely and in compliance with existing regulations.

Jim Orr
Jim Orr

Jim Orr has been in the liquid cargo transportation business as the owner of a Tankerman Service and a NAMS Certified Marine Surveyor that specialized in tank barges and liquid cargo. He was also employed as a Marine Superintendent for a major oilfield chemical company with budgetary and management responsibility for a fleet of tank barges and their related repair.



Max Orr
Max Orr

Max Orr has spent his career in the manufacturing business, and  is retired from General Motors and Rolls-Royce Aerospace.  He has also done management consulting for the past five years and brings to the team a solid background in management practices.




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