Our Services

Our Services

· Bareboat Charters

If you  just need barges and no other service, we have barges available, and you take care of insurance, maintenance and other barge related upkeep and activities.

· Time Charters

If you want to rent a barge on a monthly or yearly basis, we will handle all operational aspects including maintenance, towing and general barge management.

We will provide that service on a flat fee plus a management fee as a percentage of the total expenses encountered.

· Affreightment Moves

If you have a liquid cargo that needs to be transported by water on the Mississippi River Waterway System, we can provide a cost per ton to have your product moved.

For that price, we   manage the move and pay all associated expenses.

· Management Services

We are prepared to manage your fleet of barges by arranging all towing, fleeting, move scheduling, loading and discharging, reporting and the payment of associated costs.

We can also manage your repair and maintenance and capital projects.

· Regulated Cargo Barges

We have access to regulated cargo  barges, and will act as an agent to obtain barges and manage your moves.

· Non-Regulated Cargo Barges

We own non-regulated barges and lease them or utilize them for affreightment moves or product storage.

· Maintenance Oversight

Companies have in the past requested our service to oversee repair and maintenance for their barges.

We have years of experience with capital repairs and normal, routine maintenance and are willing to act on your

behalf to see that maintenance work is done on time and within specified budgets and schedule requirements.

· Capital Repair Oversight

As you know, barges must be maintained on a regular basis or they will deteriorate over time to an unusable state.

We can help you prepare a capital budget, construction schedule and monitor the progress with weekly progress reports and budget status.

We have significant experience with project preparation and cost estimation to keep your fleet in proper condition.

· US Gov Vessel Reporting

On occasion, companies that lease barges do not want to be involved in US Army Vessel reports.

We offer  the service of providing those reports for your fleet on a fee basis.

· Product Analysis for Move Classifications

Periodically , calls come in wanting to know if we can move a product.

The caller is not sure of what the classification of his product is and wants an analysis done to assure that the cargo is being transported

in compliance with current cognizant regulations.  We will do this analysis for no charge, if our barges are utilized, or on a fee basis

if you are using barges from another source.

· Sale or Purchase of Barges

We can act as your agent for you to  sell or obtain barges and assure that these barges are suitable for a particular need.